Hatta Heritage Village is a rebuilt and refurbished mountain village that allows visitors to see the old UAE villages. This village is located in the middle of the Al Hajar mountain range in Hatta. It is nearly 3,000 years old but has been perfectly renovated. The rural landscape is dotted with farms carved out of freshwater canals, quaint shops selling traditional heritage collections, and archaeological cemeteries. Hatta heritage village ticket price are available in best offers.

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Coinciding with the originality of the mountain village, all the buildings in Hatta Heritage Village are built with materials such as earth, leaves, palm trunks, stones and reeds, which are actually the buildings and structures of most of the villages in the Emirates. United Arab. Hatta Heritage Village is located in the historic fortress. There is a reception room called locally Majlis. This is a traditional house with a patio and various palm leaf structures. Traditional houses, forts and castles display antiques and local music crafts, weapons, palm products, textiles, traditional costumes, handicrafts and ancient rural societies

Places to Visit near Hatta Heritage Village

Mountain Bike Trail: 

The Hatta’s Mountain Bike Trail is famous for its scenic bike trails located between the river valleys. The scenery ensures that adventurers have enough excitement when traversing challenging slopes.

You can bring your own bicycle or rent one on the spot. This place is an ideal place to set up tents and camp overnight under the stars and the cool desert breeze at night.

hatta Mountain Bike Trail
Hatta Wadi Hub

Hatta Wadi Hub

For those looking for excitement, Hatta Wadi Hub offers opportunities for zip lines, ropes courses, mountain bikes, and even human slingshot. For those interested in water sports, Hatta Dam is an ideal place for kayaking and stand-up paddling.

The stunning green waters of the dam and the Hajar Mountains in the background provide a stunning backdrop. Be sure to see the exotic fish and colourful birds in the dam.

Hajar Mountain Trails

Hatta’s rugged mountainous terrain offers the ultimate 4X4 off-road experience. Here, you will experience amazing and diverse terrain such as river valleys, dry rivers, shallow pools, and vast deserted roads. Make sure you are accompanied by an experienced driver.

Hajar Mountain Trails
tanoor lahm hatta

Tanor Lahm

For food connoisseurs, be sure to enjoy delicious UAE cuisine at Tanor Lahm Restaurant. The food here includes a variety of lamb, chicken, and camel dishes. Whole lamb meal is a must. Don’t forget to taste delicious Arabic coffee and sweet dates after dinner.

Hatta Rock Pools

Hatta rock pool has sparkling green waters, and is an ideal place to cool off by swimming or swimming in the sweltering heat. Or just spend time on the barren rocks near the water, feeling the breeze, and admiring the beautiful rugged scenery.

hatta rock pools

Here is the list given of things to do in Hatta Heritage Village:

1See the Centuries: Old conventional Emirati architecture comprising of the mosque; two fortresses or watchtowers, Majlis (reception area), as well as residences all placed inside the traditional Hatta Fort with the Hajar mountains that in backdrop.

2. See the unfashionable inscriptions advertised like musical equipments, launchers, textiles, handicrafts, and so on. associated with the traditional tribal elders inside the museum positioned in the heritage village.

3. You will be able to climb the watchtower to attain an aerial perspective of the landscape.

4. See other points of interest like the falaj water arches as well as an of age cemetery.

5. Move back in time as well as imagine life something that was once hundreds of years ago when you take a stroll within the rebuilt houses with their repaired kitchens and bedrooms.

6. Marvel at the way in which sturdy the particular all seems to be despite being built using materials like clay, palm tree trunks, rock, etc.

7. Pick up fascinating knick-knacks and souvenir on the village souvenir shop.

8. Take part in the many exhibitions as well as occasions held at the village per year like the Flag Day, UAE National Day, along with even the Dubai Shopping Festival. Make sure to check the overall dates of all these galas a head of your trip at.



Tips for Visiting Hatta Heritage Village

  • Pack light weigh warm clothes when the weather conditions in the mountainous Hatta may be cooler, especially in the course of first flush of morning as well as late evenings.
  • Keep your passport along with ID proofs handy, because of the reason that you would cross the Oman state line.
  • Since you will find no restaurants or bakeries inside the small town, you ought to pack water along with lighted food and drinks..
  • The audio-visual shows do not seem to be available these days but you are able to keep an eye on the information in Arabic and English.
  • Since you are going to be walking to get a considerable time, wear out comfortable walking footwear along with keep sun shades as well as sunblock with you.
  • Have an skilled person drive you on the winding mountain roads. It is advisable to not drive at night.
  • You will find good public services inside the village complex.
  • Try to plan your stopover at in the first flush of morning hours to prevent the crowds also to escape the heat.
  • There is adequate parking zone for personal  automobiles outside the village complex.

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