Jet Ski Dubai

Dubai’s Amazing Jet Ski Tour As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with a wide variety of exciting alternatives, we now give you the chance to take a jet ski tour around Dubai. Take your personal watercraft here for the best time ever doing water sports. You might just […]

Helicopter Ride in Dubai

Helicopter Ride in Dubai

Helicopter Ride in Dubai – TOUR DUBAI CITY TOUR BY HELICOPTER (25-MINUTES) This trip covers the whole gamut, from a manufactured island to some historic waterways. Your helicopter tour of Dubai will begin at the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeirah and continue north along the coast, over Kite Beach and Aqua […]

Donut Ride in Dubai

ROLLER COASTER WITH DONUTS IN DUBAI: Get on board and get ready for the ride of your life as you speed through the turquoise waters of Dubai. Get ready for an experience you’ll never forget as you float peacefully through the clear waters on a donut-shaped ride and take in the […]



FLY FISH DUBAI It’s great that DUBAI now has fly fishing as an option for water activities. When you want to get to a high altitude over the water, this is a great option. In the past, people used to think that a magic carpet would let them fly, and the […]

Things to See in Dubai City Tour

Global Village Dubai

Things to See on a Dubai City Tour If you are interested in visiting Dubai, there are many places to see during a city tour. The Atlantis Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach, and Alexandra Dhow Cruise are just a few of the places you can visit. There are many other things […]

Things to Do in Dubai Today


Things to Do in Dubai Today Best Fun Things To Do in Dubai Places to visit in Dubai Today. If you have never been to Dubai before, you will have to plan your itinerary carefully. You can choose from a wide range of attractions, such as a Cirque du Soleil show, […]

Fujairah East Coast Tour

Fujairah East Coast Tour Taking a tour through the east coast of Fujairah is a great way to learn about the history of the city. This tour also includes a visit to the Fujairah Museum, where you can view artifacts and ancient weapons. Al Badiya Mosque On a tour of Fujairah, […]

New Year Burj Khalifa Fireworks

New Year’s Eve in Dubai is a highly anticipated event that attracts visitors from all over the world. The city is known for its lavish celebrations and impressive fireworks displays, and New Year’s Eve is no exception.   One popular destination for New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai is the Burj […]

Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai Season 27 One of the highlights of Global Village Dubai is the Big Balloon ride, which takes you 200 feet above the ground and offers spectacular views of the city and pavilions. Another highlight is the House of Fear, which is said to be one of the scariest […]

Christmas in Dubai

Merry Christmas

Christmas is Near, Dubai hosts a number of fun and festive events In other words, it’s legit. Soon it will be Christmas. Presents have been stashed in closets, Christmas trees have been set up in the break room, and an air of euphoric holiday glee permeates the workplace. It’s the most […]