Hatta Tour

Our Hatta tour package features many activities such as kayaking and water sports at Hatta Dam, cultural and cultural attractions, and the Hatta Heritage Village with its palm-fringed stone houses and falajs (Omani Irrigation System) and protective watch towers. Some exhibits feature traditional weapons, furniture, and pottery. Visit Hatta Dam in Hatta Dam and see the amazing green lakes and kayaks in Hatta Dam. Hatta is a mountain town in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located in north-eastern Oman and on the other side of the Hajar Mountains east of the United Arab Emirates. Hatta is an enclave on the border with Oman, which is why it is so popular with the Hatta Tour Dubai to Oman. Hatta (Hatta) has a beautiful natural setting, away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai City and other places, allowing you to relax more. Hatta is less than 90 minutes by car from Dubai, 125 kilometers southeast, then the S112, the Maliha Dubai highway, and the E102 to Oman Hatta. The Hatta Tour is a great choice for a family weekend getaway near the holiday.

Hatta Tour

Explore Hatta Tour Packages and Activities

  • Hatta Kayak
  • Mountain Hiking
  • Mountain safari
  • Hatta Heritage Village
  • Hill Park
  • Hatta Dam 

Hatta Tour Packages INCLUDES & EXCLUDES​

75 AED




  • Tour Duration: Full Day
  • Pickup Time: 07:00 AM ± 30 Minutes

  • Drop Back Time: 06:00 PM ± 30 Minutes

Things to do in Hatta

There are so many wonderful and interesting things to do on a Hatta tour Dubai. The list is long, but here we are trying to describe some of the best things all tourists love to do when they travel to the Daily Hatta. You are:

Hatta Kayak

  • Enjoy kayaking at Hatta Dam. Enjoy kayaking, a pedal boat or a donut boat ride.
  • Kayaks are available for each and every two trips.
  • A movable boat can accommodate three adults and one child with a parachute.
  • A boat-shaped donut can accommodate four adults and 2 children.

Visit Hatta Heritage Village

There is no doubt that Hada is a place full of amazing art and past architects. It will take you back to the past. It is like a time machine where you can see the wonderful life of the Hada people in the 18th century. This place is experienced every year and it hosts many cultural events. You will have the opportunity to see exquisite artifacts from the past, such as their weapons and tools.

Enjoy at Amazing Hatta Hill Park

If you want to revel in the panoramic view and relaxing tour of hatta mountain park, that is it. It’s far positioned at the top of the mountain and is a perfect place to hang around with friends and circle of relatives. There are numerous shady houses. Experience a barbecue night inside the lush greenery and breath taking surrounding scenery, for you to make your picnic greater exciting than traditional..

Thrilling Mountain Safari in Hatta

For adventurous and adventurous people, this is an option to make their journey full of adventure while enjoying the breath taking mountain safari in Dubai Hatta. From beginners to experienced professionals, everyone has a suitable trail. Traveling through the blue planet, you can discover the beauty of Hatta in a surprisingly unique way.

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Terms and Condition

you should e book your Hatta journey at the least 48 hours earlier than the tour date. Use the reserving shape or touch via whatsapp for extra facts. 

  • All charges are relevant according to person only.
  • In case you need to cancel your ride, please notify at the least 24 hours in advance on the day of the experience. If the record is less than 24 hours earlier, there will be no cancellation and no refund.
  • In case you want to postpone or change your trip, you ought to achieve this 12 hours before the ride. No charges are charged. The delayed tour date ought to be inside the equal 12 months as the travel.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • It is not endorsed for pregnant girls, the elderly, or people with heart or returned issues to take part in adventure activities which includes mountain safari.
  • Unfastened for youngsters underneath 3 years antique, and the same charge for kids over 3 years antique as adults.
  • Expenses are challenge to trade with out word..


  • We have the right to allocate seats based on available seats.
  • All shared transfers are managed/shared by another passenger in SIC, unless requested and confirmed to provide quality service. .
  • All our vehicles are insured, including passengers in rare accidents. ..
  • Summer: We recommend wearing light and comfortable clothes.
  • Winter: We recommend that you wear warm clothes.   


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes , Kayaking is allowed but it will extra charges by kayak company

  • Hatta Dam
  • Hatta Heritage Village
  • Hatta Hill Park
  • Hatta Mountains Safari
  • Kayaking
  • Hatta Fort Hotel

It’s approximately 96.5km from Dubai to Hatta is approximately 96.5km. Reach to 1.30 Hour

No need to passport if you have UAE valid visa.