Hatta kayak is actually a unique tourist destination in Dubai as well as UAE. The vast lake formed with the aid of Hatta water dam furthermore its surrounding mountains is becoming so touristy within those that proposes relaxation in a natural area as well as looks for the reason that a modern undergo of working towards kayak sport in UAE. The Hatta Kayak price and Hatta kayak timing for visitors the opportunity to kayak around the vast lake formed by Hatta Water Dam and its surrounding mountains. Go to vacation at Hatta the mountain tops city of UAE. A great tour for green activist and adventure seekers. Take pleasure in tackling the teal waters by kayaking furthermore look into the developmental own by way of foot. There’s very much to do in Hatta.


Hatta kayak dubai

Hatta Kayak

hatta kayak in hatta water dam

Water Bike

hatta kayak dubai - hatta water dam

Donut Boat

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Boat With Driver

Pedal Boat

Pedal Boat

hatta dam

Hatta Dam

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Dubai Hatta Kayak

Hatta kayak is an interesting goal in Dubai for adventure seekers in Hatta Dam Dubai. It is surrounded by amazing mountains and becoming most famous for those peoples who are seeking relaxation in a natural and beautiful place.

hatta kayak timing


Hatta Kayak timing is on a daily basis (exceptions Right Through Ramadan month) from 7 AM first light (Dawn) till 6 PM noon.

  • Availability: The availability first come first serve basis
  • Duration Hatta kayak paddle boat rental: Limitless, paddle for you wish to have
  • Dress code: Sports ware
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Hatta Kayak timings

Hatta Kayak

You are welcome to paddle a kayak on through creek bordering Hatta in upcountry side containing Dubai. The reliving surroundings consisting of location where we have a tendency to transmit that water sport also will definitely make your unconscious mind comfortable. The auspicious background containing the present location wide awake your temptation in riding a kayak in the waters of the lake surrounded through mountains.

We don’t edge your fun by means of setting time duration furthermore we are renting in our own Hatta Kayak in Dubai letting you in deciding the way in which long then you really desire to just to Kayaking. It’s an awesome give.

Isn’t something that? Then you also may select either a single Kayak or a Double Kayak doubling the fun of your ride along with somebody which will also keep company with you. In general, more than 16 is the age buffer for which we think about to rent a kayak to ride unsocial easily for the reason that safety causes. Paddle in styles as well as break water tides furthermore move in order to look into the lake in so far as then you really can. Why not it’s the unambiguous work out for your body too. Kayaking is a far-famed activity for the reason that either physical as well as mental rest, that’s why year close to both local along with foreign guests love you to take pleasure in it while immersing with the charming views.




  • For the overall actions at Hatta Kayak, youngsters less than 16 years will have to be compelled to accompanied by an adult. Children less then three years of age will not be allowable. 
  • You are most probably to get wet while kayaking therefore get dressed with ease plus by choice in water-resistant clothing like lycra or polyester. If sometimes you really start taking your phone or camera along, remember to carry a water-proof case for the reason that it. 
  • For visits right through summer season, it’s well advised to travel early morning in order that you may catch the sunrise as well as get joy from the ride at cooler wind chills before the sun comes out. For the ones travelling all through winter, carrying a light weigh cardigan or sweater must always suffice. 
  • If you are really travelling by the Kalba – Maliha Road, you won’t ought to apply for a visa/show your IDs at whatever checkpoints. However, it is suggested to have your identification card along with you every times.

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Frequently asked questions

  • The Infants are not allow on any kayaking or riding.
  • Under 16 years children are not allow on single kayak.
  1. Single Hatta Kayak price: AED 60 for unlimited time (16 years and above only)
  2. Double Hatta Kayak Price: AED 150 for unlimited time
  3. Water bike: AED 60 per person, per ride
  4. Pedal boat: AED 120 per ride (admits 2 adults and 2 children)
  5. Yellow boat: AED 150 per ride (admits 3 adults and 1 child)
  6. Donut boat: AED 300 per hour (admits 4 adults and 2 children)
  7. Tour Boat: AED 600 per 25 minute ride with driver (admits 11 adults)
  • Hatta Kayak is available on Google Maps

  • Take the E44 out of Dubai towards Hatta water dam.

  • Turn onto the E611 heading towards Sharjah.

  • Turn onto the E102 heading towards Kalba/Eastern Region

The Hatta kayak timing mention in website.
  1. Climbing is restricted. Not allowed around the Hatta Dam.
  2. According to law Swimming is not allowed..
  3. No Littering.
  4. No Hunting near Hatta and Killing Wildlife.
  5. Not Picking Honey.
  6. Cutting or removing the plants are not allowed 
  7. No allowed to Fishing.
  8. And No Bonfire. 

Yes of course, there is no any restrictions of photography during Kayaking at the Hatta Water Dam. 

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes take to reach Hatta from Dubai. 

You need to have a valid UAE Visa pasted on your Passport. 

Customers reviews

What people say?

An amazing place with a beautiful view. Very long dam where we can kayak and have some snack while viewing the splendid sunrise and the sunset while going on an adventure around the whole dam. We can purchase Kayaks, pedal boats and other miniature water boats for a reasonable price and enjoy the view. A must go to place with family to ha e some time out and fun.
Sophia Smith
Great experience at Hatta. Opens from 7am to 9pm. Variety of boating options. Kayak is the best never miss that. Properly managed and well maintained with enough staffs. Equipments are good quality. There are many lifeguards to protect. Evening time is the best. You can enjoy the view between the mountains and the water is crystal clear.
Adam Cheise