Khorfakkan Tour

Khorfakkan Tour

The Khorfakkan tour will give you a genuinely quieting and loosening up experience. There will be no commotion, no city mayhem – just you, a flawless sea shore, and wonderful climate. It is situated in the midst of the tough Hajar Mountains (bio-diverse mountains) in the Emirates of Sharjah. This makes for an ideal one-day or end of the week escape with a lot of activities. It is  brilliant chance for customers to investigate the magnificence of Shees Park Khor fakkan, Rafisah Dam, Khorfakkan Waterfall and Beach. We are offering unique bundles that will allow you to partake in the dazzling magnificence of this astounding place and investigate its encompassing secret jewels. At the Rafisah Dam, You can partake in different games exercises, like boating and khorfakkan kayak.

Khorfakkan Tour Inclusions & Schedule:

  • Shees Park Khorfakkan
  • Visit Khorfakkan Waterfall
  • Al Rafisah Dam
  • Visit Swan Lake At Rafisah Lake
  • Visit Amphitheater
  • Khorfakkan Shore Walk
  • 360° City View At Al Rabi Tower
  • Kayaking in Dam ( Optional )
  • Lunch At Rafisah Dam ( Optional)
  • Mineral Water for drinking


Stranded Packages

Time 07:00 am
05:00 pm

A Day Trip to Khorfakkan From Dubai

Khorfakkan is a unique and adventure tourist spot in Dubai and UAE.  Khorfakkan tour formed by shees park, waterfall, khorfakkan Dam, beach and much more. Its surrounding mountains is becoming so popular among those who seeks relaxation in a natural place and looks for a new experience of practicing hiking, swimming and kayak sport in UAE. 


Shees Park Khorfakkan

It is a monstrous park covering an area of 11, 362 situated close to Wadi Shees. There’s a playing region, concealed seats, and a ton to do here. You can ascend the mountain walkways, walk around the recreation center or essentially appreciate the cascade it nestles.

Khorfakkan Waterfall

Get hypnotized with the lovely Al Shalal Waterfall in Khorfakkan. It is arrange right close to the Khorfakkan amphitheater. Thus, once done investigating the amphitheater, relish the panoramic views of the waterfall.

Khorfakkan Beach

It is a 3-kilometer long crescent shape beach that is hypnotizing by every possible way. You can swim, appreciate water sports or unwind on the sea shore. It’s an ideal destination to spend some time loosening up with your precious ones.

Al Rafisah Dam khor fakkan

The dam was originally the 1980s. In any case, it’s been overhauled now for vacationers. It includes a rest region, outing play region for youngsters, diner, visitor’s center , and a peaceful feeling, which is absent in the city life. As a feature of our unique bundle for the Khorfakkan visit, you can have a noteworthy kayaking experience here in the midst of the beautiful magnificence of the dam.

Khor fakkan Fort of Shea

Shea Fortress is the recently reestablish hidden gem found near the Wadi Shea Khor fakkan. It is a well known picture point and a must visit place. Get loads of pictures here and make lifelong memories that you can reminisce forever.

Al Rabi Tower

Al Rabi Tower is a historic monument constructed in 1915. It marks the beginning of a climbing trail that paves the way to a 395 meters high summit where you can appreciate the all encompassing scenic views.

Khorfakkan Amphitheater

It is an exceptional vacation spot that is built according to Roman architecture. The Khorfakkan amphitheater has saved the local culture stunningly and is one of the must-visit spot in Sharjah. It spreads over a space of 1700m2 and is sufficiently large to oblige in more than 3500 guests. This amphitheater is outfit with a cooling framework.

Khorfakkan Tour Packages From Dubai

We provide the best offers of khorfakkan tour packages to our clients to enjoy this adventure and remarkable attraction.

Khorfakan Tour Packages

visit khorfakkan

Khorfakkan Sightseeing Tour Package



99 AED



30 Min Kayak



In this tour package includes only Sightseeing & Visit On places with picture stops At Rafisah Dam.



07:00 AM – 05:00 PM (10 Hours)
Doorsteps Pickup Also Available

kayaking in khorfakkan dam

Khorfakkan Sightseeing Tour + Kayak Package



144 AED



30 Min Kayak



In this tour Package Includes Khorfakkan sightseeing & visits , capture Photo at stops & 30 min Kayaking in Rafisah Dam.



07:00 AM – 5:00 PM (10 Hours)
Doorsteps Pickup Also Available

visit khor fakkan

Khorfakkan Sightseeing Tour + Kayak + Lunch



249 AED



30 Min Kayak



In this tour Package Includes Khorfakkan sightseeing & visits , capture Photo at stops & 30 min Kayaking  and Take lunch at Rafisah Dam.



07:00 AM – 05:00 PM (10 Hours)
Doorsteps Pickup Also Available.

Terms & Conditions


  • Smoking is not allow the entirety of our vehicles.
  • Photographing local women isn’t allow.
  • In the month of Holy Ramadan time is change. Contact our delegate prior for any information.
  • Meals consists of food only, any refreshments (alcoholic/non alcoholic) will be charge as per consumption and to be pay straightforwardly at the spot.
  • Women visiting the Mosque are need to cover their head with scarf and don’t wear shorts, beachwear or sleeveless outfits as they are to be completely cover.
  • Men visiting the Mosque should wear long pants.
  • Khorfakkan kayak is Paid.

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FAQs About Khor fakkan

  • Khorfakkan Sandy Beach
  • Al Rafisah Dam
  • Wadi Shees
  • Shees Park (park over a Mountain)
  • Al Shallal Waterfalls
  • Roman Themed Amphitheater
  • 2700 Metters Tunnels 
  • Souq Sharq & Old Mosques 
  • khorfakkan kayak

The best to visit khorfakkan is November to April.

1.   Pedal Boat 45 AED

  • 30 min ride- 2 Adults 3 Children
  • Children must ride with al least 1 Adult


2.  Double Kayak 30 AED

  • 30 min ride – 2 adults 1 child
  • Children must ride with al least 1 Adult


3.  Donut Boat 100 AED


  • 30 min ride – 4 Adults 2 child
  • Children must ride with al least 1 Adult

Yes, we pickup and drop off from your doorstep as the selection of your package.

Khorfakkan city far from dubai along with 131 km, which takes 1 hr 28 min via Khorfakkan Rd.

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Very good experience, professional team , the view is breath taking
Amanda Lee
this is amazing and full of adventure place to visit ever, khorfakkan waterfall and thebeach is amazing.