Visit Khorfakkan – Top Amazing Places to visit in khorfakkan


Places to visit in Khorfakkan


Khorfakkan may not be as popular as other cities in the UAE, but don’t let that fool you. Khorfakkan is a small but beautiful places to visit in khorfakkan. From some unique works and places. You will be excite at what you can find on this hidden destination. You may want to reconsider one day. Take a break and relax. If you plan to go to UAE and you are not sure if Khorfakkan is include in your itinerary. Keep reading in this list, we have put together some of the works in and around visit Khorfakkan.

khorfakkan tour
4. Al Shalal Waterfall
3. Visit Al Shalal Waterfall copy
khorfakkan tour
visit khorfakkan
khorfakkan tour
khorfakkan tour


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Places to visit in Khorfakkan

Khorfakkan Water fall

This is the first attraction in the list of places to visit in khorfakkan. The newly built waterfall in Khorfakkan is another man-made wonder in the UAE. The UAE is your surprise never fail to attract tourists by enhancing the natural beauty with the latest creativity and the best modern technologies.

Does not fail This beautiful and soothing artificial waterfall by the roadside makes you feel like you are in the middle of a forest. There is the sound of water flowing down. Khorfakkan is a great place to go on weekends.

Khorfakkan Beach

This 3 km halal shaped beach hosts an endless selection for water recreation, fishing and diving. From parasailing and caking. These are the famous tourist destinations of Sharjah in UAE and weekends. Places that has activities for all kinds of travellers. Locals from the weather in Sharjah Would love to take a day trip here for a pleasant change. Equipped with palm trees and facing sparkling water, sand. Makes a great playground for adults and children with swing sets and soccer goal posts. Don’t forget to take the ball with you. Outdoor activity is ideal in mild weather.

Sheesh Park

This khorfakkan shees park is a great way to spend a day in the cold weather. Shees Park embraces the high mountains, and a unique form of tourism for visitors and tourists to explore and enjoy the environment of mountainous areas.

Khorfakkan Dam

On the new Sharjah-Khorfakkan highway, the view of the beautiful Al-Rifisa Dam opens towards Khorfakkan. Originally from 1980 built in the decade, the dam has been upgraded with a new visitor center and rest area. Sharjah due to new road travel time from Khorfakkan has been reduced to 45 minutes, giving more and more visitors the quiet pleasures of the area. The view is unparalleled as the sandstone cliffs come back to a pure body of water with calm green landscapes. It is a man-made waterfall, perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Located at the foot of Mount Al-Sayed, the magnificent Amphitheatre faces the shores of the town of Khor fakkan, which captivates visitors. There is a glimpse to the city. The area of Amphitheatre is 1,000,190 square feet.  It has a unique design that takes you to Rome immediately. It can accommodate up to 3600 people and is different for people in the region in particular and the UAE in general. Will host activities.

Khorfakkan Museum

Take a walk through the small well-established museum and see how the trade and everyday work was done and how the locals lived. The museum is located inside Khorfakkan Old Souk. Also visit the nearby Al-Hassan Museum and Old Civic itself.

Al Rabi Tower

Al Rabi Tower was an important part of the defense network in Khar Fakan, located between Al Advani Tower and the Watch Tower in Al Muqsar. Various posts across the city will send gunfire warnings to each other.

Khorfakkan Heritage Village

The villages also have houses, shops and a mosque made of stone and mud. The rocks use very large in some buildings, such as mosques, are built of large stones. Since the rocks used were from a mountainous area, the village. It is difficult to see from a distance and you can easily pass through the fort without seeing it.

Al Nahwa, an enclave in an exclave

Al-Nahwa should have a small enclave located inside the Omani Exclave of Madha. Madha Al is certainly the most interesting of them all. It shares a border with Sharjah (Khor Fakan), Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah and has a population of about 3,000. In addition to the area, it is a mountainous area with many beautiful oases.

Must Visit khorfakkan when you are planing to visit Dubai UAE.

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