Abu Dhabi Ferrari World

Ferrari World abu dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Ferrari World

Deals all kind of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tickets Price Offers and Booking online. Know abou Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Timings and Deals.Tourists to Abu Dhabi may experience high-octane thrills at the world’s largest indoor theme park, located on Yas Island and opened by Ferrari in 2010. This unique landmark vividly honors the speed and elegance of Ferrari automobiles.

Multiple forms of adrenaline-pumping entertainment

More than 20 rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi are themed after the iconic sports car, and each one is a sensory extravaganza for guests. Formula Rossa Ride is the world’s fastest roller coaster for those seeking a heart-pounding experience. Just buckle up because you’re about to be propelled at 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds! If you can’t get your thrill fix on just one roller coaster, try the world’s tallest roller coaster loop on Flying Aces or the vertical climb and zero-gravity drop on Turbo Track.

Ferrari World abu dhabi


The entire family can enjoy Ferrari World, which features an interactive museum dedicated to the company’s illustrious past and a breathtaking 4D film experience. There are plenty of kid-sized rides to keep children occupied, too. Yas Island is an interesting vacation spot because of all the fun things to do, one of which being Ferrari World.


Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest rollercoaster, allows riders to experience speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour in an F1 cockpit.

Abu Dhabi Ferrari World ticket Watch as a young boy goes where no Ferrari has gone before in this 4D animated tale, “Speed of Magic.” There are no restrictions or boundaries when some Ferrari magic is involved. In other words, let your hair down and enjoy some humorous thrills with the whole family.

Risk your life on the world’s tallest looping roller coaster with the Flying Aces!

Fiorano GT Challenge features two competing GT coasters that blast out together down parallel tracks that twist and turn like those found in real GT races across the world.

abu dhabi Ferrari World ticket Visit Galleria Ferrari to see Ferraris from Maranello and the collections of the world’s leading collectors up up and personal.

Junior Grand Prix is a racing academy for aspiring Formula One drivers, where they can learn the ropes of the sport while also experiencing the thrill of embracing the track like a real F1 driver in a miniature Ferrari F1 race car.

Scuderia Challenge: Test your racing prowess in a cutting-edge simulator. Test your driving skills in a range of Ferraris as you compete against the clock or other players on the Yas Marina Circuit in a simulated Grand Prix. With Scuderia Challenge, you’ll be challenged to reach your full Formula OneTM potential.


Under the recognizable red roof, visitors of all ages may enjoy a variety of exciting attractions, including 41 rides, heart-pounding rollercoasters, family-friendly activities, cutting-edge simulations, magnificent live performances, and popular seasonal events.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the most thrilling day out for all ages, thanks to its world-class rides and experiences as well as its world-largest Ferrari store, which sells exclusive merchandise and has a wide selection of restaurants.

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