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Hatta Hiking

Hatta Hiking

Explore The Hajar Mountains

Hatta Hiking

Undulating peaks are covered surrounded by the Hajar Mountains and troughs perfect for hatta hiking. You may trek along the winding wadis at the hillock of the mountains, close to the dividing line of Oman. Here you’ll look the varied terrain, from sandy patches to sharpened rocks. Hatta Hiking gives a sensation of peace as well as adventure for all sorts and ages with lots to explore along your journey. It is the best way to discover Hatta by foot and is the of truly experiencing Dubai’s largest national park.

To go on hiking on the mountain trails is another thrilling at Hatta Wadi Hub. Hatta is home to majestic peaks also wadis that are absolute for a exciting hike or trek. In the UAE the pathways here are some of the sought-after hiking trails. The 32.6-kilometre ability-graded set journey is the finest way to routes is one of the other necessary adventures as well as enjoying things to do in Hatta.

It gives travellers the distinctive chance to experience the beauty and serenity of the mountains from up close. These areas close to the Oman boundary are famous among both novice as well as seasoned hikers. Alike the biking trails, you would find variety of levels of hiking trails so that each one’s may attempt this fun activity!

The main property of hatta hiking is the varied terrain, permitting you to explore the lush wadis well as sandy landscapes. Explore the very known spot for hiking in the UAE, right here at Hatta Wadi Hub.


Growing in popularity year to date, Hatta hiking trails currently span a total of 32.6 kilometres, expand across 5 new paths.

The trails are cut up into variety of grades of routes to accommodate every level as well as experience of hiker.

hatta hiking routs


We wish you to get home safely and protective. Hatta Trail Centre strongly motivate all hikers:

Let someone know a friend or family member on where you planned to hike.

Carry a trail map.

Take the right equipment.

Have your fully charged mobile phone.

Study and contest the colour coded system of Hatta Trails to your physical ability.


  • Consistently put on the right clothing, also safety gear.
  • Certainly, follow the official signage as well as directions and look for warning symbols.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • All the time be calm and courteous to other hikers.

hatta hiking track


Maintain the trails clean and tidy.

Use the appoint toilet, also shower facilities (please be discrete and respectful).

Throw trash in appointed areas please.

Take excitement from the rest of your day, unwind back at your accommodation, stay out at Hatta Wadi Hub or spread more of what Hatta has to provide.

Hatta Hiking Trails

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