Visit Hatta – Top Most Amazing Things to Do in Hatta


Amazing Things to do in Hatta


Visit Hatta |Thing to do in Hatta – The United Arab Emirates one of the most beautiful adventure, and luxury destinations. Where the all over the world people just visit them. Today we are here discussing about Hatta, which is the full of adventure and most relaxation place for that people are seeking for them.  Top places to visit in Hatta are following

visit Hatta Kayak
Visit Hatta


Hatta Dam:

Hatta Dam is considered one of the best amazing nature spot. Your feel would have a treat to enjoy this scenic 360 view which is known to be the best in Hatta where you can find the beautiful mountains and lakes.  The sunset view in Dam, the peoples and tourist taken the pictures here for the lifetime memory.

Hiking in Hajar Mountains:

Hajar is the most adventure destination, where you don’t miss the hiking in hatta. You need to go with trekking Guide of Hajar mountains.

Date Farms :

Hatta date farms is the that place where the tourist can find the oldest Date Farms. When you are trekking, do not forget to visit this place.

Heritage Village

Hajar is the most adventure destination, where you don’t miss the hiking in hatta. You need to go with trekking Guide of Hajar mountains.

Hiking in Hajar Mountains:

Feel the real centuries ago the most ancient ruler living here in Hatta Heritage village. The Heritage village is the most different form other UAE cities. This village is very traditional and there is too much prototypes and many ancient things and document to see it.

Hill Park:

This is the most beautiful and best location for the families for the visit. The park is filled by full of trees I mean greenery, best for the walking and as well as for jogging, swimming pools and also available benches for the BBQ. When you are fed up you need to go there and feel the difference.

Wadi Hub:

The wondering thing to do, after Dubai and Abu Dhabi of Wadi Hub is the best places to visit in Hatta. This is the perfect places for adventure for both kids and adults.  Places to stay here:

  • Damani Lodge Resort
  • SEDR Trailers Resort

Wadi Hub Timing :

  • Closed in Summer During May to September
  • Open to public from October to April.

Fort & Jumma Mosque:

Hatta Fort and Jumma Mosque one of the most ancient and oldest building here. The water system is traditionally from the past.

Kayaking, & Biking:

The best and the most famous activity by water dam in Kayaking and water biking. Thousands of tourist come from all over UAE to enjoy Hatta Kayaking and water biking.

Mountain Hiking:

Lets go to the adventure site, Hatta is full of Rock Mountains and full of adventure. This is the best place for hiking lovers. You should need to hiking with tour guide in Hajar mountains.

Hatta Dubai – Do all in one Day:

Visit the best in one day & specially planned for those who in a stopover in Dubai Airport or port who wish to experience Hatta tour.

  1. Head Directly to Dam for the views and photos.
  2. Head on to Kayaking for one or two hours
  3. Time for lunch at A Fort Hotel.
  4. Drive down to Sharjah to see the Fossil Rock which is the best natural beauty which many miss to see
  5. Begin the Famous desert Safari tour in Dubai with Sand Dunes and a good dinner.
  6. Time to catch your fligh

Hatta the Land of Adventure Seekers

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