Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Dubai

deep sea fishing


Deep Sea Fishing has always been a source of livelihood for the people who live in Dubai, given the city is located almost entirely on the shore.

Both tourists and locals enjoy fishing in Dubai these days.

To get away from the stress and tension of work or to add some excitement to your vacation, book a fishing trip.

deep sea fishing

Transportation to and from our boats, which are docked at Fishing Harbour 1 in Jumeirah 1, is available on request.

It’s natural to be curious about what kinds of fish you might reel in on your fishing expedition. In Dubai, grouper, barracuda, king fish, sheri, and maybe even travelli are the staple catches.

The greatest time to go fishing in Dubai is from October through March because the fishing is slowest during the summer months, which are around May through October.


One of the most common pastimes for those who live in Dubai and who enjoy being near or on the sea is fishing.

Recently, Dubai has emerged as a world-class port fishing destination, playing host to some of the industry’s most prestigious competitions.

A deep sea fishing vacation in Dubai is sure to be one for the books because to the city’s stunning scenery, thrilling adventures, and abundant marine life.

Warm Arabian seas are teeming with fish of various sizes and species, including cobia, king fish, small shark, hammour, Sultan Ibrahim, sherry, and barracuda, making them ideal for novice and expert anglers alike. Because of this, fishing in Dubai has rapidly grown in popularity among both locals and visitors.


When you book a fishing excursion with us out of Dubai, the motor boat you travel on will be captained by an expert fisherman. You are welcome to bring your own fishing gear or use the professional gear provided.

Keep in mind that the Dubai Coast Guard must provide their blessing for any deep-sea fishing trips, and that the weather in Dubai must be suitable for such journeys. Visitors should also keep their passports on them at all times during the journey.

The bottom line is that a fishing trip out of Dubai is the way to go if you’re looking for prime fishing conditions on the stunning waters of the United Arab Emirates.

It is imperative that you wear sun protection when on a fishing tour in Dubai. and remember to drink lots of water.


The typical distance from shore for deep sea fishing is 16–18 miles.

It’s well worth the rocky ride to get there since that’s where the big fish are.

Depending on the season, the fish migration, the seagulls’ habits, and the general knowledge of our skilled captains, we may fish near or far from the beach.


Dubai’s deep sea fishing is at its peak first thing in the morning, at 6 a.m. During the winter months of January through March.

The afternoon hours of two in the afternoon until six in the evening also provide a respectable catch.

Our Dubai fishing trips operate throughout these two times.

Fishing in Dubai is greatest from January to May, with the months of January and March being particularly productive.

Typically, the best time to go fishing in Dubai is between the months of November and May.

Fishing conditions vary by season, although certain species are more likely to be caught during certain months.You can catch more Cobia in the months of January and February, for instance.

More tuna can be caught in the months of April and May.

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