Musandam Oman Tour Packages From Dubai a Day Trip

 Musandam Tour Oman Packages From Dubai

Musandam Tour Oman Packages From Dubai a Day Trip is a beautiful coastal town in the UAE that is known for its vibrant marine life and amazing views of the mountains.

A trip to this area is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys getting active and swimming between coral reefs and marine wildlife. Located near the Hajar Mountains, the small coastal town of Dibba is also a relatively small population center.

The area has plenty of marine wildlife protection and coral reefs. The waters of the sea are also filled with sea life that are both beautiful and unique.

This region is known for its vibrant marine life.
Giant sea turtles are known to live in the waters near the Hafa beach in Musandam.

During the evenings, you can often see them crawling out of the water. beautiful green scenery of the Masafi Mountains and Ras Al Khaimah can be seen when you travel to Dibba from Dubai.

Begin your trip by visiting the Masafi Mountains, khorfakkan tour and the carpet market in Ras Al Khaimah. After crossing the Hajar Mountains, you will reach Musandam.

On your way to Musandam tour take a cruise along the coastline. coastline is lined with massive white limestone mountains that rise out of the water.

During your stay in Musandam tour take a deep dive into the crystal clear waters of the sea. This trip will allow you to explore the area and observe marine life for hours. You will be provided with life jackets and snorkeling equipment, and you will only need to bring your bathing suit.

In the area, fishing is a popular activity. With the abundance of wildlife in the sea, you have a good chance of getting a good catch. You can try your luck with the help of the Dhow’s hand-line fishing gear. After a full buffet lunch, you can head to the Hafa beach to get some sun.

Summer Excursion to Musandam tour Dibba: A blog about going on a vacation to Musandam tour Dibba where you can take part in water activities.
This is a great excursion for those who want to make their vacation even more interesting. The trip includes swimming, snorkeling, and fishing in the Indian Ocean.

Oman Lagoon stop with entertainment activities; and a walk through the Al-Hajar mountain range. All this makes this a memorable experience that you would want to repeat over and over again.

A trip to Musandam tour Dibba is a great way to add even more excitement to your vacation. With its majestic Al-Hajar mountain range – the highest in the eastern Arabian peninsula – as well as the unique underwater life of the Indian Ocean, the peninsula is sure to surprise you.

The excursion includes:

Shared Transfer With Oman’s Entry Permit.
Swimming , Snorkeling & Fishing At Hafa Beach.
Banana Boat Ride, Musandam Cave Visit / Sightseeing.
Sea Sailing In Deep Waters Of Musandam Oman.
White Rock Cave Visit.
International Buffet Lunch, Unlimited Soft Drinks.
Tea/Coffee & Fresh Fruits.
Snorkeling Kits, Life- Jackets Are Available & Free.
One-Line Fishing Equipment are provided on-board.

Includes Free Equipment Such As:
Swimming & Snorkeling Kit, Life Jackets & Fishing Kit.

The boat is fully equipped with showers and changing rooms. a toilet for your convenience so you can rest assured you’ll be comfortable during your entire journey.